I have found a very nice dog bed that is easy to wash and can be used in multiple ways! I am also very lucky to have been able to arrange to be a reseller and be able to get the beds for my Starrdust family and friends at wholesale prices and save on shipping! Here is a link to information on this bed:

The one caveat is that you must be able to pick the bed(s) up from me-I will not be able to reship. If you are interested please message me or email me for this special pricing. Think about it for your own pet or even for holiday gifts for your friends!

If you are too far away to order in this fashion (and pick up your bed from me) or you would rather order directly from their website, use the code STARRDUST and receive 15% off the retail price, however shipping charges will still apply.

If you are interested in pricing and ordering please email me at csfrohm126@yahoo.com.