Starr’s Jingle Bella Blues BN RI (Jingle)
Sire: Can. CH Guldakra’s Ivan Lendl
Dam: Starr’s Blue Twilight RN
Whelped: December 11, 2013

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Jingle the Therapy Dog

Jingle waiting for her 3rd grade reading partners!

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Jingle age 5 months


Here is our beautiful Jingle, daughter of our Bella whom we lost due to pregnancy complications with this ltter.  Devastating as that is for us, she lives on in the spirit of this beautiful puppy.  Watch for lots of news about Jingle as she grows!
Jingle has passed her TDI therapy dog test at just one year old!  We will be visiting some facilities in the near future!
Click here for Jingle’s pedigree.
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Pedigree of “Starr’s Jingle Bella Blues RN (Jingle)”

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Can. CH Guldakra’s Ivan Lendl     




Starr’s Blue Twilight RN